List of 1000 Music Fonts

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The music fonts below are sorted by 14 categories:
1. Classic music notation fonts (all)
1a. Classic music notation fonts (only SMuFL)
1b. Classic music notation fonts (only Unicode Musical Symbols area)
2. Handwritten music fonts
3. Examples of unavailable fonts
4. Medieval, Byzantine and ancient Greek fonts
5. Music fonts for word processing and/or tempo marks (i.e. stafflines and/or stems, beams included)
6. Chord fonts
7. Figured bass & analysis fonts
8. Fretboard fonts
9. Fingering/pedal fonts
10. Microtonal notation fonts (dedicated fonts or those with many accidentals)
11. Special music fonts
12. Text fonts for rehearsal marks (with border)
13. Text fonts with musical symbols
14. Suitable text/lyrics fonts

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Music Fonts Comparison

Music Fonts: Classic Music Fonts
(Each column can be sorted by clicking on the column header)
Music FontsComment/Software External LinkImage
AbdelazerUrtext FontPurchase
Abdelazer SibUrtext FontPurchase
Abdelazer Sib TTUrtext FontPurchase
Abdelazer TTUrtext FontPurchase
Acousticaby Christian Texier/MIDIDesignLink
Aloisen NewScore WriterLinkImage
AloisenUOverture (SMuFL)Purchase
AlphaRhythmsMusic font for notating rhythmsLink
AmmerbachFor German organ tablature (by John McKean)Link
Anastasia Extended 1EncorePurchase
Anastasia Extended 2EncorePurchase
Anastasia ExtraEncorePurchase
Anastasia HeavyEncorePurchase
Anastasia Pitch NamesEncore (with pitch names)Purchase
Anastasia RegularEncore/MusicTime DeluxePurchaseImage
Anastasia TimeEncorePurchase
Andron Mega Corpus RegularUnicode music fontPurchase (Example)
Animal NoteheadsAlternative music font (under development)Preview Only
ArsNovaby Bayard-NizetPurchase
ArticulationsFinale Productivity PackPurchase
AruvarbBravura font made compatible with FinalePurchaseImage
AScoreLogic ProLink
AScorePartsLogic ProLink
AybabtuPredecessor of Gonville-BracePurchase
AvanguardiaMelody/Harmony AssistantPurchaseImage
Nota1TTAlternative music fontNot available
BarnettMusic font by the Really Loud ­Font CompanyNot available (Homepage)Image
BD NotesUsed to be part of the Finale Productivity PackNot available (Homepage)
BeethovenAlternative Lilypond FontPurchaseImage
Besmafrom NorFontsPurchase
BetvnFINBeethoven font for FinalePurchaseImage
Blank ManuscriptCreate empty pagesPurchase
BoulezAlternative font for SibeliusLinkImage
BracketsFinale Productivity PackPurchase
BracketsBoldFinale Productivity PackPurchase
BravuraDorico music fontPurchaseImage
BravuraMSSBravura with Mixed Spartan SagittalLinkImage
BravuraHEThe Helmholtz-Ellis font project (Bravura+HEJI)Link
Bravura TextSMuFL music fontPurchaseImage
BrumaireUrtext FontPurchase
Brumaire SibUrtext FontPurchase
Brumaire Sib TTUrtext FontPurchase
Brumaire TTUrtext FontPurchase
BurnsideUrtext FontPurchase
Burnside SibUrtext FontPurchase
Burnside Sib TTUrtext FontPurchase
Burnside TTUrtext FontPurchase
BusoniUrtext FontPurchase
Busoni SibUrtext FontPurchase
Busoni Sib TTUrtext FontPurchase
Busoni TTUrtext FontPurchase
CadenceAlternative Lilypond FontPurchaseImage
CadncFINCadence font for FinalePurchaseImage
Camilfrom NorFontsPurchase
CantaboMusic font from ToccataLink
CantaboSuppMusic font from ToccataLink
capella alternativ 1CapellaHomepageImage
CapriccioAlternative Lilypond FontLinkImage
Capriccio-lightAlternative Lilypond FontLinkImage
ChaconneFinale (Japanese Version)LinkImage
Charlestonby Bayard-NizetPurchaseImage
ChopinMelody/Harmony AssistantPurchaseImage
Clefsby Matthew HindsonLink
CleffyViolin clefsLinkImage
ClementiUrtext FontPurchase
Clementi SibUrtext FontPurchase
Clementi Sib TTUrtext FontPurchase
Clementi TTUrtext FontPurchase
CLichtAssistant PerformerLinkImage
Code2001Unicode music fontLink
Concretaby Christian Texier/MIDIDesignLink
Controlaby Christian Texier/MIDIDesignLink
Country WesternMelody/Harmony AssistantPurchaseImage
CrescendoNWC (Hairpin symbols only)Link
Cypher RegularNoteAbilityProHomepage
DelusseAlternative Lilypond FontLinkImage
DenemoUnicode music fontLink
DjangoNotationDjango (Music Font)Link
DjangoTabFlagsDjango (More Symbols)Link
DOREMI (v2)Alternative music fontPurchase
DVMArticulationsby DVM PublicationsLink
EFI Music SymbolsMusic symbolsPurchase (Link to Example)
Electronicaby Christian Texier/MIDIDesignLink
EmmentalerLilypond music fontPurchaseImage
EmntlFINEmmentaler font for FinalePurchaseImage
EngraverTextHFinaleLink or OTF
EngraverTextNCSFinaleLink or OTF
EngraverTextTFinaleLink or OTF
EngraverTimeFinaleLink or OTF
Espressivoby Bayard-NizetPurchase
EuterpeUnicode music fontPurchaseImage
EuterpeFINEuterpe font for FinalePurchaseImage
fetaAlternative music fontLink or LinkImage
feta-alphabetMore symbols for the "feta" fontLinkImage
feta-bracesMore symbols for the "feta" fontLink
FinalSmartToolsby Ansgar KrausePurchase
FinalSmartToolsDEMOby Ansgar KrauseLink
FinaleMiscFree Finale font LinkImage
Finale AlphaNotesFont with pitch namesLink
Finale PercussionMany percussion glyphsLink
Finale MalletsMany mallet symbolsLink
ForteSambaForte 8Link
FPArticulationsFinale Productivity PackPurchase
FPBigTimeFinale Productivity PackPurchase
FPBracketsFinale Productivity PackPurchase
FPBracketsBoldFinale Productivity PackPurchase
FPHairpinsFinale Productivity PackPurchase
FPLoopsSquigglesFinale Productivity PackPurchase
FPRollsFinale Productivity PackPurchase
FPRollsBigFinale Productivity PackPurchase
FPSalzedoFinale Productivity PackPurchase
FPTempoTimeFinale Productivity PackPurchase
FPTempoTimeSansFinale Productivity PackPurchase
FravuraBravura Port for FinalePurchaseImage
Fravura-ExtraBravura Port for FinalePurchaseImage
FreeSerifUnicode music fontPurchaseImage
FreeSerifMscoreUnicode music fontLink
FreeSerifFINFreeSerif font for FinalePurchaseImage
Fronimo Branle Lute TablatureLute tablature fontLink
Fronimo Gavotta Lute TablatureLute tablature fontLink
Fronimo Pavan Lute TablatureLute tablature fontLink
Fronimo Recercare Lute TablatureLute tablature fontLink
Fronimo Rondeau Lute TablatureLute tablature fontLink
FughettaAlternative font for FinaleLinkImage
GCRevereGraphire Music PressHomepage
GhentPercussion SymbolsNot available
GhentDemoPercussion SymbolsLink
GhentMalletsMallet Symbols (also named "Ghent Percussion")Not available
GhentMalletsDemoMallet Symbols (also named "Ghent Percussion")Link
Glyph3 HarpHarp SymbolsPurchase
Glyph3 SynthSynth SymbolsPurchase
GoldenAge ThreeAlternative music fontNot available (Homepage)
GoldilindUrtext FontPurchase
Goldilind SibUrtext FontPurchase
Goldilind Sib TTUrtext FontPurchase
Goldilind TTUrtext FontPurchase
GonvilleOriginal versionLinkImage
GonvilleAlternative Lilypond Font (updated version)LinkImage
Gonville 2.0Alternative MuseScore FontLink
Gonville BraceAlternative Lilypond FontLink
GootvilleSMuFL Font by GootectorLinkImage
Gootville TextSMuFL Font by GootectorLinkImage
GotvlFINGootville font for FinalePurchaseImage
Grupettoby Bayard-NizetPurchase
GUgAKKorean Music Font for Finale &
GugakTxtKorean Music Font for Finale &
GuitarSymbolsMagicScore Maestro (Symbols for guitar notation)Homepage
Guitar Stringsby Matthew HindsonLink
Gutenberg1939Alternative Lilypond FontPurchaseImage
GtbrgFINGutenberg1939 font for FinalePurchaseImage
HairpinsFinale Productivity PackPurchase
Hairpin DynamicsNWCLink
Handbell Fontby Chuck FowlerNot available
HarmonyNotation Composer/Notation PlayerHomepageImage
Harp Fontby Chuck FowlerNot available
HaydnAlternative Lilypond FontPurchaseImage
HayFINHaydn font for FinalePurchaseImage
HBellHandbell fontPurchase
HBellFinHandbell fontPurchase
HectorAlternative music fontLinkImage
HelsinkiSibeliusNot availableImage
Helsinki MetronomeSibeliusNot available
Helsinki Metronome StdSibeliusHomepage
Helsinki SpecialSibeliusNot availableImage
Helsinki Special StdSibeliusHomepageImage
Helsinki StdSibeliusHomepageImage
Helsinki TextSibeliusNot availableImage
Helsinki Text StdSibeliusHomepageImage
IgorEngraverClassicIgor EngraverHomepage
IgorEngraverJazzIgor EngraverHomepage
IgorEngraverPlateIgor EngraverHomepage
Jihenfrom NorFontsPurchase
Jijettefrom NorFontsPurchase
js-jianpu-yangjiaoDoit symbolsLink
Kanbi_A3Didgeridoo font (Articulations)Link
Kanbi_C2Didgeridoo font (Claves)Link
Kanbi_R3Didgeridoo font (Rhythms)Link
Kanbi_V3Didgeridoo font (Vocalises)Link
KapellmeisterUrtext FontPurchase
Kapellmeister SibUrtext FontPurchase
Kapellmeister Sib TTUrtext FontPurchase
Kapellmeister TTUrtext FontPurchase
Kapellmeister IIUrtext FontPurchase
Kapellmeister II SibUrtext FontPurchase
Kapellmeister II Sib TTUrtext FontPurchase
Kapellmeister II TTUrtext FontPurchase
Kepatihan Cipher Notation FontAsian cipher notationPurchase
KepatihanProAsian cipher notationLink
KIDdemoby DVM PublicationsLinkImage
Kidnotesby DVM PublicationsPurchaseImage
Kidsibby DVM Publications (for Sibelius)PurchaseImage
Kh NoteheadsAlternative music fontLink
KlavarSymbolsFont for Klavar notationLink
Kodaly (v2)Music font by algomgomLink
KousakuFinale (Japanese Version)Link (Character Map)Image
Kousaku PercussionFinale (Japanese Version)LinkImage
LarsenFor notating Irish traditional musicLink
LegatoMelody/Harmony AssistantPurchaseImage
LeipzigVerovio (SMuFl compliant)LinkImage
LeipFINLeipzig font for FinalePurchaseImage
Leipzig 4.2Music font for "Wolfgang"Link
Leipzig 1770Urtext FontPurchase
Leipzig 1770 SibUrtext FontPurchase
Leipzig 1770 Sib TTUrtext FontPurchase
Leipzig 1770 TTUrtext FontPurchase
Leipzig 1803Urtext FontPurchaseImage
Leipzig 1803 OrnamentsUrtext FontPurchase
Leipzig 1803 Ornaments TTUrtext FontPurchase
Leipzig 1803 SibUrtext FontPurchaseImage
Leipzig 1803 Sib TTUrtext FontPurchaseImage
Leipzig 1803 TextUrtext FontPurchaseImage
Leipzig 1803 Text TTUrtext FontPurchaseImage
Leipzig 1803 TTUrtext FontPurchaseImage
Leipzig 1803 XtrasUrtext FontPurchaseImage
Leipzig 1803 Xtras TTUrtext FontPurchaseImage
LeMus NotasLenMusLink
LenMus BasicLenMusLink
LilyboulezAlternative Lilypond Font (based on Boulez)LinkImage
LibouFINLilyBoulez font for FinaleLinkImage
LoopsSquigglesFinale Productivity PackPurchase
Ludwig Classic"Stockholm Classic" for SibeliusPurchase
Ludwig Classic Extra"Stockholm Classic Extra" for SibeliusPurchase
Ludwig Plate"Stockholm Plate" for SibeliusPurchase
Ludwig Plate Extra"Stockholm Plate Extra" for SibeliusPurchase
MaestroMakeMusic's FinaleLinkImage
Maestro PercussionFinaleLinkImage
Maestro WideFinaleLinkImage
MarlLime Music NotationLinkImage
MarlettGeometric Shapes for NoteheadsLink
MB PercussionPercussion notationNot Available
MetricFontMusic font by the Really Loud ­Font CompanyNot available (Homepage)
MetrumSigns to express the measure of verseLink
Midisoft ClassicForteLinkImage
ModrakianaIgor EngraverHomepage
ModusnotesScoreCloud StudioLinkImage
MöllerFor German organ tablature (by John McKean)Link
MosaicFontMosaicNot available (Archive)
MozartQuickScore Elite, Copyist 9HomepageImage
Mozart extrasQuickScore Elite, Copyist 9Homepage
MScore for scoresMuseScore (SMuFL)LinkImage
MScore TextMuseScoreLinkImage
MTF-Arnoldby Abraham LeePurchaseImage
MTF-Arnold-Finby Abraham LeePurchaseImage
MTF-Beethovenby Abraham LeePurchaseImage
MTF-Beethoven-Finby Abraham LeePurchaseImage
MTF-Cadenceby Abraham LeePurchaseImage
MTF-Cadence-Finby Abraham LeePurchaseImage
MTF-Gutenberg1939by Abraham LeePurchaseImage
MTF-Gutenberg1939-­Finby Abraham LeePurchaseImage
MTF-Haydnby Abraham LeePurchaseImage
MTF-Haydn-Finby Abraham LeePurchaseImage
MTF-Rossby Abraham LeePurchaseImage
MTF-Ross-Finby Abraham LeePurchaseImage
MTF-Scorlattiby Abraham Lee (based on Score)PurchaseImage
MTF-Scorlatti-Finby Abraham Lee (based on Score)PurchaseImage
MupMup (only available as Postscript Type 3 font)Link
Music NotationMagicScore MaestroHomepageImage
Music TextMagicScore MaestroHomepage
Music SheetsCreate empty pagesPurchase
Musica (v2)Music font by the Really Loud ­Font CompanyNot available (Homepage)
MusicaUnicode music fontPurchaseImage
MusicaFINMusica font for FinalePurchaseImage
MusiCAD BoldMusiCADHomepage
MusiCAD ClassicMusiCADHomepageImage
MusiCAD LightMusiCADHomepageImage
MusicalAlternative music fontNot availableImage
Musical NotesAlternative music fontNot availableImage
MusicalSymbols (v1)CorelPurchaseImage
MusicalSymbols (v2)Audimus NotesLink
Musical SymbolsUnicode music font (now called "Musica")Purchase
MusicelementsA few musical and some dingbat symbolsLink
MusicFontFont for SibeliusLink
MusikDingsSansLawrie Pardy's Font PackLinkImage
MusikDingsSerifLawrie Pardy's Font PackLinkImage
MusicMMusic MasterworksLink
MusicMBMusic MasterworksLink
MWW SymbolsMusicWorksLink
My AutoharpMelody/Harmony AssistantPurchase
Myriad Music FontAlias for SToccataPurchaseImage
neueweise-ArticulationsAlternative music fontPurchaseImage
neueweise-NotesAlternative music font:
New Music noteheads, flags, etc.
neueweise-PitchesAlternative music font:
New Music quarter tones
Norfolk Harp Stdby NYC Music Services (uses Bravura)Link
Norfolk Metronome Stdby NYC Music Services (uses Bravura)Link
Norfolk Ornaments Stdby NYC Music Services (uses Bravura)Link
Norfolk Special Extra Stdby NYC Music Services (uses Bravura)Link
Norfolk Special II Stdby NYC Music Services (uses Bravura)Link
Norfolk Special Stdby NYC Music Services (uses Bravura)LinkImage
Norfolk Stdby NYC Music Services (uses Bravura)LinkImage
Norfolk Text Stdby NYC Music Services (uses Bravura)LinkImage
NoteHedzNoteheads onlyLink
Noto Sans SymbolsUnicode music fontPurchaseImage
NotSnsFINNoto Sans Symbols font for FinalePurchaseImage
NovemberAlternative music fontPurchaseImage
November2SMuFL music fontPurchaseImage
NovemberExtraSpecial Symbols for NovemberPurchaseImage
NumeroTuplet Numbers OnlyLink
NWC Extra Ornaments v3NWCLink
NWC2HiVisLPLawrie Pardy's Font PackLinkImage
NWC2MusicDingsSansLawrie Pardy's Font PackLinkImage
NWC2MusikDingsSerifLawrie Pardy's Font PackLinkImage
NWslurby Robert AllgeyerLink
OpusSibeliusNot availableImage
Opus Big Time StdSibeliusHomepage
Opus MetronomeSibeliusNot available
Opus Metronome StdSibeliusHomepage
Opus Note NamesSibelius (with pitch names)Not available
Opus Note Names StdSibelius (with pitch names)Homepage
Opus OrnamentsSibeliusNot available
Opus Ornaments StdSibeliusHomepage
Opus PercussionSibeliusNot available
Opus Percussion StdSibeliusHomepage
Opus SpecialSibeliusNot availableImage
Opus Special StdSibeliusHomepageImage
Opus StdSibeliusHomepageImage
Opus Special ExtraSibeliusNot available
Opus Special Extra StdSibeliusHomepage
Opus TextSibeliusNot availableImage
Opus Text StdSibeliusHomepageImage
OsloBased on the free Gonville fontNot available (Archived)Image
Oslo-extraBased on free Gonville fontNot available (Archived)Image
OttavinaOctave symbolsLink
OttocentoMelody/Harmony AssistantPurchaseImage
P22 MusicAlternative music fontPurchase
P22 Music OTAlternative music fontPurchase
P22 Music NotesAlternative music fontPurchase
P22 Music ProSame as P22 Music, but with OpenType featuresPurchase
P22 Music Pro OTSame as P22 Music, but with OpenType featuresPurchase
PaganiniAlternative Lilypond FontLinkImage
PagniFINPaganini font for FinaleLinkImage
Parisby Musegraph.comNot available
Paris-Extraby Musegraph.comNot available
PergolesiVivaldi Gold / AllegroassaiLink
Personal ViennaPersonal ComposerHomepageImage
PFAEmmentalerLilypond (in older versions)Link
PG Music FontBand-in-a-BoxHomepageImage
PhotoScore ExtraPhotoScoreHomepage
PianoTabAmbrose PianoTabsLinkImage
PiuAlternative music font for Finale's TamburoPurchase
PlayMsc1Play MusicLink
PMW-MusicPhilip's Music WriterLink
PolihymniaMusic font from PSAM WPF Control LibraryLink
Power TabPower TabLinkImage
PrestoSymbolsMACby Alison HeyerPurchase
PrestoSymbolsPCby Alison HeyerPurchase
PrfndFINProfondo font for FinalePurchaseImage
PriMusPriMus PublisherLinkImage
PriMusAPriMus PublisherLinkImage
ProfondoAlternative Lilypond Font (Bravura-port)PurchaseImage
QuickScribeXDigital PerformerLinkImage
QuiviraUnicode music fontLink
RentaroFinale (Japanese Version)Link
RevereClassicGraphire Music PressHomepageImage
RhythmsRhythm fontLink
RollsFinale Productivity PackPurchase
RollsBigFinale Productivity PackPurchase
Rodgers & HammersteinMax KeenlysideLink
Rodgers & Hammerstein DynamicsMax KeenlysideLink
Rodgers & Hammerstein SpecialMax KeenlysideLink
RossAlternative Lilypond FontPurchaseImage
RoFINRoss font for FinalePurchaseImage
SalzedoFinale Productivity PackPurchase
SbstnFINSebastiano font for FinalePurchaseImage
ScarlattiVivaldi Gold / AllegroassaiLink
ScorlattiAlternative Lilypond Font (based on Score)PurchaseImage
ScrltFINScorlatti font for FinalePurchaseImage
Sebastianby Florian KretlowPurchaseImage
Sebastian (v2)Songworks IILink
Sebastian-Linesby Florian KretlowPurchase
Sebastian-Metby Florian KretlowPurchase
Sebastian-Note-Clefby Florian KretlowPurchase
Sebastian-Numeralsby Florian KretlowPurchase
Sebastian-Ornamentsby Florian KretlowPurchase
SebastianoAlternative Lilypond FontPurchaseImage
Segoe UI SymbolUnicode music fontIncluded in Windows 7-10
SerenadeMelody/Harmony AssistantPurchaseImage
Shape NotesNoteheads and AccidentalsLinkImage
Short Tremolo Flags Rectangular Corrected 40Tremolo flags by Abraham LeeLink
Short Tremolo Flags Rectangular Corrected 90Tremolo flags by Abraham LeeLink
Short Tremolo Flags Rectangular Uncorrected 40Tremolo flags by Abraham LeeLink
Short Tremolo Flags Rectangular Uncorrected 90Tremolo flags by Abraham LeeLink
Short Tremolo Flags Sheared Corrected 40Tremolo flags by Abraham LeeLink
Short Tremolo Flags Sheared Corrected 90Tremolo flags by Abraham LeeLink
Short Tremolo Flags Sheared Uncorrected 40Tremolo flags by Abraham LeeLink
Short Tremolo Flags Sheared Uncorrected 90Tremolo flags by Abraham LeeLink
Shpfltnatby David RakowskiLink
SinfoniaOnlineSheetMusic ViewerLinkImage
Solifrom NorFontsPurchase
Soli Textfrom NorFontsPurchase
Soli Timefrom NorFontsPurchase
Soli Specialfrom NorFontsPurchase
SonataLime Music NotationLinkImage
SonataAdobe's original music font (not available anymore)Purchase the
Std version
Sonata StdAdobe's music font with unicode mappingPurchaseImage
Sonata-ThinAlternative version of the Sonata fontNot available
Sonoraby Christian Texier/MIDIDesignLinkImage
SPWVoyetra Sequencer PlusNot available (Homepage)Image
SPP_5_1From Score PerfectLink
Staccatoby Bayard-NizetPurchaseImage
Steinberg Notat ClassicalVarious Steinberg SoftwareHomepage
Steinberg Notat LegacyVarious Steinberg SoftwareHomepageImage
Steinberg Tempo MarkerVarious Steinberg SoftwareHomepage
Stick RhythmsMusic font for notating stick rhythmsLink
SToccataMelody/Harmony Assistant/PDFtoMusicProPurchaseImage
StockholmClassicby Musegraph.comPurchase
StockholmClassic-Extraby Musegraph.comPurchase
StockholmPlateby Musegraph.comPurchaseImage
StockholmPlate-Extraby Musegraph.comPurchaseImage
SusatoSee SusatoF3Not available
SusatoBachOrnamenteIncluded in Susato (ornaments only)PurchaseImage
SusatoF3Alternative music font for Finale's MaestroPurchaseImage
SymbolaUnicode music fontPurchaseImage
SymbolaFINSymbola font for FinalePurchaseImage
TabTrax40Alternative music fontLink
TaggdingsAlternative music and chord fontLink
TallMetricFontMusic font by the Really Loud ­Font CompanyNot available (Homepage)
Taneyev Alt 1 StdAlternative Sibelius Font (based on Bravura)LinkImage
Taneyev Special Alt 1 StdAlternative Sibelius Font (based on Bravura)LinkImage
Taneyev Special StdAlternative Sibelius Font (based on Bravura)LinkImage
Taneyev StdAlternative Sibelius Font (based on Bravura)LinkImage
Taneyev Text StdAlternative Sibelius Font (based on Bravura)LinkImage
Tef250TablEdit (see Tef265)Not available
Tef260TablEdit (see Tef265)Not available
TempiFontMusic font by the Really Loud ­Font CompanyNot available (Homepage)
TempoFontby David RakowskiLink
Tempo Indications Liteby Matthew HindsonLink
TempoIndicationsLite­Trebuchetby Matthew HindsonLink
TempoTimeFinale Productivity PackPurchase
TempoTimeSansFinale Productivity PackPurchase
TeX-old-fetaMusic fontLink
TeXXPPFF10MusiXTex: DynamicsLinkImage
TeXXSLD29DMusiXTex: Dashed SlursLink
TeXXSLU29DMusiXTex: SlursLink
ThesisFontMusic font by the Really Loud ­Font CompanyNot available (Homepage)
TimpaniPercussion symbols by Bayard-NizetPurchase
ToccataAlternative font for FinaleLinkImage
Trakbats1Guitar NotationLink
TtsNoteCakewalk Audio SoftwareHomepage
TufaLime Music NotationLinkImage
Tuplet Numbers­(Petrucci)by Matthew HindsonLink
Tuplet Numbers­(Sonata)by Matthew HindsonLink
Turandot SpecialTurandotHomepage
Turandot TextTurandotHomepageImage
UnicodeMusicUnicode musical symbolsLink
Unifont UpperUnicode music fontPurchaseImage
Unifont UpperFINUnifont Upper font for FinalePurchaseImage
VariusMusikaLTStdAlternative music fontPurchase
Viennaby Musegraph.comPurchaseImage
VintageECP1Wess Music (for Edition Peters)ExampleImage
VintageGHMAWess Music (for Henle)ExampleImage
Virtuosoby Bayard-NizetPurchaseImage
Vivaceby Bayard-NizetPurchase
VivoMosaicNot available (Archive)
Wingdings 3Music Publisher 9 (Arrow symbols and others)Homepage
Wolfgang Std"Vienna" for SibeliusPurchase
Wolfgang Special Std"Vienna" for SibeliusPurchase
Wolfgang Text Std"Vienna" for SibeliusPurchase
XPTMusicAlternative music fontLink
XPTMusic1Alternative music fontLink
XinfoniaXEMO Music APINot available (Homepage)Image
Yankadi GraphicYankadiLink
Yankadi WesternYankadiLink
Yankadi TribalYankadiLink
Zurichby Musegraph.comPurchase
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Music Fonts: Classic Music Fonts (SMuFL)
SMuFL FontsComment External Link    Image
Aloisen GrooveUOverture (SMuFL)Purchase
AloisenUOverture (SMuFL)Purchase
AruvarbBravura font made compatible with Finale (SMuFL included)PurchaseImage
Bravura TextSMuFL music fontPurchaseImage
BravuraSMuFL music fontPurchaseImage
BravuraHEThe Helmholtz-Ellis font project (Bravura+HEJI)Link
BravuraMSSBravura with Mixed Spartan SagittalLinkImage
EkmelosMicrotonal accidentals (SMuFL)Purchase
Gootville TextSMuFL Font by GootectorLinkImage
GootvilleSMuFL Font by GootectorLinkImage
GotvlFINGootville font for Finale (SMuFL included)PurchaseImage
JazzySMuFL Font by GootectorLinkImage
JazzyBasicSMuFL Jazz by GootectorPurchaseImage
JzBscFINJazzyBasic font for Finale (SMuFL included)PurchaseImage
LeipFINLeipzig font for Finale (SMuFL included)PurchaseImage
LeipzigVerovio (SMuFl compliant)LinkImage
MScore for scoresMuseScore (SMuFL)LinkImage
MScore TextMuseScoreLinkImage
MTF-Cadenceby Abraham LeePurchaseImage
MuseJazz (v2)MuseScore (SMuFL)Link
MuseJazz TextMuseScore (SMuFL)Link
November2SMuFL music fontPurchaseImage
PetalumaSMuFL music fontPurchase
Petaluma TextSMuFL music fontPurchase
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Music Fonts: Upper Unicode Music Fonts
Unicode Musical Symbols Area FontsComment External Link    Image
Andron Mega Corpus RegularUnicode music fontPurchase (Example)
BravuraSMuFL music fontPurchaseImage
Code2001Unicode music fontLink
DenemoUnicode music fontLink
EuterpeUnicode music fontPurchaseImage
FreeSerifUnicode music fontPurchaseImage
MusicaUnicode music fontPurchaseImage
Musical SymbolsUnicode music font (now called "Musica")Purchase
Noto Sans SymbolsUnicode music fontPurchaseImage
November2SMuFL music fontPurchaseImage
PetalumaSMuFL music fontPurchase
QuiviraUnicode music fontLink
Segoe UI SymbolUnicode music fontIncluded in Windows 7-10
SymbolaUnicode music fontPurchaseImage
Uni1D100MusicalsymbolsUnicode Reference ImplementationExample
Unifont UpperUnicode music fontPurchaseImage
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Music Fonts: Handwritten Music Fonts
Handwritten Music FontsComment External LinkImage
Aloisen GrooveUOverture (SMuFL)Purchase
Amura MusicIncomplete music fontLink
BigBandfrom NorFontsPurchase
BigBand Specialfrom NorFontsPurchase
BigBand Textfrom NorFontsPurchase
BigBand Metronomefrom NorFontsPurchase
BopMusicFrom NorFontsPurchase
BopMusic MetronomeFrom NorFontsPurchase
BopMusic SpecialFrom NorFontsPurchase
BopMusic TextFrom NorFontsPurchase
BopMusic TimeFrom NorFontsPurchase
Broadway Copyist PercFinaleLinkImage
Broadway CopyistFinaleLinkImage
ClassicaMelody/Harmony AssistantPurchaseImage
Cyberscore SymAlternative music fontNot available
Cyberscore Plus More Symbols for Cyberscore SymNot available
Cyberscore TextMore Symbols for Cyberscore SymNot available
Encore NorMusicEncorePurchase
NorMusicSee Encore NorMusicPurchase
NorMusikfrom NorFontsPurchase
NorMusMzfrom NorFontsPurchase
NorTextExtrafrom NorFontsPurchase
ForteFolkForte 8Link
ForteInkForte 8Link
ForteJazzForte 8Link
GldngFINLV-GoldenAge font for FinalePurchaseImage
GoldenAgeMusicAlternative music fontNot available
Hand notationMelody/Harmony AssistantPurchaseImage
ImprovisoAlternative Lilypond FontPurchaseImage
ImprvFINImproviso font for FinalePurchaseImage
Inkpen2 Metronome StdSibeliusHomepage
Inkpen2 MetronomeSibeliusNot available
Inkpen2 Special StdSibeliusHomepageImage
Inkpen2 SpecialSibeliusNot availableImage
Inkpen SpecialSibeliusNot available
Inkpen2 StdSibeliusHomepageImage
Inkpen2 Text StdSibeliusHomepageImage
Inkpen2 TextSibeliusNot availableImage
Inkpen2SibeliusNot availableImage
Inkpen TextSibeliusNot available
InkpenSibeliusNot available
SPP_JAZZJazz font from Score PerfectLink
JazzFinaleLink and OSM ViewerImage
JazzCopyistfrom NorFontsPurchase
JazzCopyist Specialfrom NorFontsPurchase
JazzCopyist Textfrom NorFontsPurchase
JazzCopyist Timefrom NorFontsPurchase
JazzCopyist Metronomefrom NorFontsPurchase
JazzCopyist Extendedfrom NorFontsPurchase
JazzCWAlternative jazz fontPurchase
JazzPercFinaleLink and OSM ViewerImage
JazzTextFinaleLink and OSM Viewer
JazzySMuFL Font by GootectorLinkImage
JazzyBasicSMuFL Jazz by GootectorPurchaseImage
JazzyBasicTextSMuFL Font by GootectorLinkImage
JzBscFINJazzyBasic font for FinalePurchaseImage
LilyJAZZFree jazz font by Torsten HämmerleLinkImage
LilyjazzAlternative Lilypond Font (based on LilyJAZZ)Link or LinkImage
LijazFINLilyjazz font for FinalePurchaseImage
LV-GoldenageAlternative Lilypond FontLinkImage
Mozart Jazz 12MozartHomepageImage
MTF-Improvisoby Abraham LeePurchaseImage
MTF-Improviso-Finby Abraham LeePurchaseImage
MuseJazz (v2)MuseScore (SMuFL)Link
Music Notation JazzMagicScore MaestroHomepageImage
Musicby Christian MunkLink
MusiCAD JazzMusiCADHomepageImage
NorPenfrom NorFontsPurchase
NorPen Specialfrom NorFontsPurchase
NorPen Textfrom NorFontsPurchase
NorPen Timefrom NorFontsPurchase
NorPen Metronomefrom NorFontsPurchase
NWC2SwingDingsLawrie Pardy's Font PackLinkImage
PetalumaSMuFL music fontPurchase
Petaluma TextSMuFL music fontPurchase
PriMusJazzPriMus Jazz font by Mads PagsbergLink
RealScoreFrom NorFontsPurchase
RealScore ExtendedFrom NorFontsPurchase
RealScore MetronomeFrom NorFontsPurchase
RealScore SpecialFrom NorFontsPurchase
RealScore TextFrom NorFontsPurchase
RealScore TimeFrom NorFontsPurchase
Reprise Big Time StdSibeliusHomepage
Reprise Metronome StdSibeliusHomepage
Reprise MetronomeSibeliusNot available
Reprise Special StdSibeliusHomepageImage
Reprise SpecialSibeliusNot availableImage
Reprise StdSibeliusHomepageImage
Reprise Text StdSibeliusHomepageImage
Reprise TextSibeliusNot availableImage
RepriseSibeliusNot availableImage
RoemerAfter Clinton-Roemer (SVG only)Link
SlantedHall Handwrittenfor Dorico ?Example
Steinberg Notat JazzVarious Steinberg SoftwareHomepage
Steinberg Tempo JazzVarious Steinberg SoftwareHomepage
SwingAlternative jazz fontPurchaseImage
SwingDingsLawrie Pardy's Font PackLinkImage
SwingMusicAlternative jazz fontPurchase
SwingPercAlternative jazz fontPurchase
SwingTextAlternative jazz fontPurchase
SWMusicby Dave Edwards ConsultingNot available (Link to Example)
ToneDeaf BBVery incomplete music fontLink
Tune Up JNLby Jeff LevinePurchase
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Music Fonts: Unavailable Music Fonts
Examples of Unavailable FontsComment External Link    Image
AlternativoAlternative music clefsExample
AlternativoSmallGClefAlternative music clefsExample
ArenskyAlternative music font by OdodExample
ArnoldFree font version of MTF-Arnold for LilyPondNow available as MTF-ArnoldImage
AshMusicAlternative jazz fontExampleImage
BostonCakewalkMax KeenlysideExample
BrahmsAlternative Finale font by Florian FeuserExampleImage
Brainard FolioMax KeenlysideHomepage
ContemporaryMax KeenlysideExample
CPEBJensonUsed in CPE Bach editionsExample
CrescendoMusic Font by Wendy CarlosExampleImage
CubaseUsed in Cubase versionsExample
Objekt IFont by Stephanie TürckExample
OstinatoFont by Stephanie TürckExample
FrolicMax KeenlysideExample
HE (v2)Font by Stephanie TürckExample
ExtraFont by Stephanie TürckExample
ESbigandsmall"Express Stave" font by John KellerExample
TwinNoteB"TwinNoteB" notation by Paul MorrisExample
Blumen und BlutFont by Stephanie TürckExample
EchosFont by Stephanie TürckExample
DebussyMax KeenlysideExample
Diamond Music No.1Max KeenlysideExample
Diamond Music No.2Max KeenlysideNot available
DSE Music Symbols 01bUsed by Durand, Salabert, EschigExample
DSE Music Symbols 02Used by Durand, Salabert, EschigExample
DSE Music Symbols 03bUsed by Durand, Salabert, EschigNot available
DSE Music Symbols 04Used by Durand, Salabert, EschigNot available
Edward B.MarksMax KeenlysideExample
Erato Music Manuscriptorfrom Erato Music ManuscriptorExample
FacSimilus Common Symbolsby Facsimilus.comHomepage
FacSimilus Ornamentsby Facsimilus.comHomepage
FacSimilus Straight Flagsby Facsimilus.comHomepage
FacSimilus Special Linesby Facsimilus.comHomepage
FacSimilus Textby Facsimilus.comHomepage
FranckAlternative Finale font by Florian FeuserHomepageImage
GraceNotesby Wendy CarlosExampleImage
HelmholtzEllisOpusThe Helmholtz-Ellis font projectExample
HenleN1Used by HenleExample
HenleN2Used by HenleExample
HenleN3Used by HenleExample
BrahmsGAUsed by HenleExample
03StempelBogenFettUsed by HenleExample
Opus111Used by HenleExample
Bropus111Used by HenleExample
JSBUsed by HenleExample
Var9FisakoUsed by HenleExample
PocoritUsed by HenleExample
Eck.opusUsed by HenleExample
MusicfontUsed by HenleExample
MessiaenUsed by shirling&neueweiseExample
GuitarFontfor electric guitar notationNot available
HymnalClef5Clefs onlyExample
InterludeHB Music EngraverExample
Interlude TwoHB Music EngraverExample (Violin clef only)
LeeMusicAlternative jazz fontExampleImage
LeonardoIIUsed by Hal LeonardExample
Menuetby Knut NergaardExample
MicrotonaMentioned in the Finale settingsNot available
MidicomNotating MIDI data by CodaMusicNot available
MusicAshUsed by Hal LeonardNot available
MewMusicNotesMentioned in TGTools from 2000Not available
NewportJazz symbols by CodaMusicNot available
NGB Music Symbols 01by Notengrafik BerlinNot available
Nonpareil Music No.3Max KeenlysideExample
NotesMusic font by Bay AnimationNot available
NoteEditfrom NoteEdit (Bitmaps only)Not available (Homepage)
NtEdfrom NtEd (Bitmaps only)Example
NovelloMax KeenlysideExample
OrchestralScoreMax KeenlysideExample
Orsoby Joachim LinkelmannExample
Percussion Sticksby Krzysztof DombekNot available
ProMusicby Wess KaraatanassovNot available
RameauFigured bass font by CodaMusicNot available
RevereFinaleDennis Báthory-KitszExample
RevereFinaleMcGuireDennis Báthory-KitszNot available
RS NotesAlternative music fontNot available
RussMusicAlternative jazz fontExampleImage
SarabandeFont by Takashi HoshideExample
SaxbyAlternative music fontNot available (Homepage)
Scan-NoteUsed by Scan-NoteExample 1
Example 2
SchottMusicFinaleUsed by SchottNot available
SchottMusicFinale­StandardUsed by SchottExample
SchottMusicVintageUsed by SchottExample
SchottMusicSibelius­SpecialUsed by SchottExample
SchottMusicSibelius­StandardUsed by SchottExample
SchottMusicSibelius­TextUsed by SchottExample
Schott Music Scoreby Wess KaraatanassovNot available
ScorePCBased on Score's font by Nick PfefferkornExample
ScoreMacBased on Score's font by Nick PfefferkornExample
ScoreSpecialBased on Score's font by Nick PfefferkornExample
ScoreTextBased on Score's font by Nick PfefferkornExample
SerdonOriental notationExample
Shafer Handwrittenby Seth Shafer (for Finale)Example
SNArticulationsby shirling&neueweiseExample
SNNotesby shirling&neueweiseExample
SNShapesby shirling&neueweiseExample
Stark 1Max KeenlysideExample
Stark 2Max KeenlysideExample
Stark 3Max KeenlysideExample
Stark 4Max KeenlysideExample
Stark 5Max KeenlysideExample
Stark 7Max KeenlysideExample
Strauss EditionVerlagsgruppe HermannExample
SymphetMentioned in the Finale settingsNot available
TempoSignFont by Takashi HoshideExample
TraviataAlternative music fontExample
Uni1D100MusicalsymbolsUnicode Reference ImplementationExample
WitmarkMax KeenlysideExample
Xinliudd/Xinliud3Liudas MotekaitisExample
Yeah!Bitmaps onlyExample
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Music Fonts: Medieval Music Fonts
Medieval FontsComment External LinkImage
A1 Classical MelodosMelodos software (Greek notation)Link
AegeanUnicode font with ancient Greek notationLink
AlexanderUnicode font with Byzantine/Greek notationLink
ALPHABETUMUnicode font with ancient greek notationPurchase
ALPHA-TestUnicode font with ancient greek notation (demo)Link
AroaniaUnicode font with Byzantine/Greek notationLink
AvdiraUnicode font with Byzantine/Greek notationLink
bem13Byzantine music fontLink
Berlioz FontMedieval fontLinkImage
BravuraSMuFL music fontPurchase
BZ ByzantinaByzantina 1.1 (Byzantine notation)Link
BZ FthoresByzantina 1.1 (Byzantine notation)Link
BZ LoipaByzantina 1.1 (Byzantine notation)Link
BZ PalaiaByzantina 1.1 (Byzantine notation)Link
BZ IsonByzantina 1.1 (Byzantine notation)Link
BZ XronosByzantina 1.1 (Byzantine notation)Link
Caeciliae BoldMedieval fontPurchase
Caeciliae RegularMedieval fontPurchaseImage
Caeciliae StafflessMedieval fontPurchase
PartheniaMedieval font for FinalePurchase
DendermondeMedieval font for FinalePurchase
SaintGallMedieval font for FinalePurchase
RavenscroftMedieval font for FinalePurchase
MorleyMedieval font for FinalePurchase
MarenzioMedieval font for FinalePurchase
FossombroneMedieval font for FinalePurchase
ChigiMedieval font for FinalePurchase
Florentius-EMedieval font for FinalePurchase
NivelleMedieval font for FinalePurchase
SubtiliorMedieval font for FinalePurchase
SquarcialupiMedieval font for FinalePurchase
CardoUnicode font with ancient Greek notationLink
Chant ScribeMedieval fontLink
Choral P. MichaelMedieval fontPurchase
ChoralfigurenMedieval fontPurchase
ChoralnotenMedieval fontPurchase
CiconiaMedieval fontLink
CMMEMedieval font for CMMELink
CMME-printerMedieval font for CMMELink
EphesiosByzantine music fontLink
EversonMonoUnicode font with ancient Greek notationLink
Extra MensuralMensural NotationPurchase
Festa Dies AMedieval font by Alzate PeláezLink
Festa Dies BMedieval font by Alzate PeláezLink
FirenzaMedieval fontNot available (Link to Example)
FirenzaSupplementMedieval fontNot available (Link to Example)
greciliaeGregorio (Mensural Font)Purchase
greciliae-opGregorio (Mensural Font)Purchase
greextraGregorio (Mensural Font)Purchase
gregallGregorio (Mensural Font)Purchase
Gregoriaby Elena AlbertoniNot available (Link to Example)
gregorioGregorio (Mensural Font)Purchase
gregorio-opGregorio (Mensural Font)Purchase
gresgmodernGregorio (Mensural Font)Purchase
GregoireMedieval fontNot available (Link to Example)
Gregorian fontP. Gottfried MeierRequest
GregoMedieval font from GregoLink
HufnagelnotationMedieval fontNot available (Homepage)
Joseph Pothier AMedieval fontLink
Joseph Pothier BMedieval fontLink
Joseph Pothier CMedieval fontLink
JuhasevicNRegMedieval fontLink
ED FthoraByzantine music fontLink
ED IssonByzantine music fontLink
ED PsalticByzantine music fontLink
EZ FthoraByzantine music fontLink
EZ OmegaByzantine music fontLink
EZ OxeiaByzantine music fontLink
EZ PsalticaByzantine music fontLink
EZ Special-IByzantine music fontLink
EZ Special-IIByzantine music fontLink
EZ Fthora (RightToLeft)Byzantine music font (Arabic version)Link
EZ Omega (RightToLeft)Byzantine music font (Arabic version)Link
EZ Oxeia (RightToLeft)Byzantine music font (Arabic version)Link
EZ Psaltica (RightToLeft)Byzantine music font (Arabic version)Link
EZ Special-I (RightToLeft)Byzantine music font (Arabic version)Link
EZ Special-II (RightToLeft)Byzantine music font (Arabic version)Link
Morales2Bapri: medieval font packageLink
LigataBapri: medieval font packageLink
VideruntBapri: medieval font packageLink
DasiaBapri: medieval font packageLink
GradualeBapri: medieval font packageLink
LassusDavid RakowskiLinkImage
Lassus RegularThe Really Loud ­Font CompanyNot available (Homepage)
Lassus DefaultThe Really Loud Font CompanyNot available (Homepage)
LassusMMThe Really Loud Font CompanyNot available (Homepage)
Lassus ChordsThe Really Loud ­Font CompanyNot available (Homepage)
LeRoy1Medieval font package for SibeliusLink
LeRoyAddedMedieval font package for SibeliusLink
LeRoyAdded2Medieval font package for SibeliusLink
LeRoyDiapasonMedieval font package for SibeliusLink
LeRoyTSMedieval font package for SibeliusLink
LeRoyLuteNotes1Medieval font package for SibeliusLink
LeRoyLuteNotes1HMedieval font package for SibeliusLink
LeRoyLuteNotes2Medieval font package for SibeliusLink
LuteNotes1Medieval font package for SibeliusLink
LuteNotes2Medieval font package for SibeliusLink
LuteNotes3Medieval font package for SibeliusLink
LuteNotes4HMedieval font package for SibeliusLink
LuteNotesWaveyMedieval font package for SibeliusLink
LvivMedieval fontLink
LvovMedieval fontLink
ManjavaMedieval fontLink
MediceaMedieval fontLink
Meinradaby Saint Meinrad ArchabbeyLinkImage
Meinradbby Saint Meinrad ArchabbeyLink
Meinradcby Saint Meinrad ArchabbeyLink
Mensural1Mensural NotationPurchase
MusicaUnicode music fontPurchaseImage
NarvaezMedieval font package for SibeliusLink
NarvaezLuteNotes2HMedieval font package for SibeliusLink
NeumaMedieval font for FinalePurchase
NeumaSymbolMedieval font for FinalePurchase
NeumesMedieval font (Metafont only)Link
New Athena UnicodeAncient Greek notationLink
November2SMuFL music fontPurchase
Opus (v2)OpusTeX (Metafont only)Link
OslavicaMedieval fontLink
parmesanGregorio (Mensural Font)Purchase
parmesan-opGregorio (Mensural Font)Purchase
QuadratnotationMedieval fontNot available (Homepage)
simion OCR MelodouMelodos software (Greek notation)Link
SupraslKievan square-notationLink
TeXLUTE8Medieval and Lute fontLink
TeXLUTE9Medieval and Lute fontLink
Unifont UpperAncient Greek and Byzantine notationPurchase
White NowMedieval fontPurchase
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For Word Processing    Comment External LinkImage
AlphaNotesMusic fontLink
AlphaRhythmsRhythm fontLink
BachAlternative music font, for tempo marksLink
Bach4JPAlternative music font, for tempo marksLink
Bach-anticoAlternative music font, for tempo marksLink
Bach-tsTime Signature SymbolsLink
BeatzRhythm FontPurchase
Bongosby Robert AllgeyerLink
Bongos2by Robert AllgeyerLink
Bravura TextSMuFL music fontPurchaseImage
CavatinaAlternative music fontPurchase
Copy&GoRhythm FontPurchase
DjembeDjembe FontLink
Djembe06Djembe06 FontLink
DrummerFor notating percussion rhythmsLink
DrumNotesFor notating percussion rhythmsLink
Eazy StixRhythm/stick notationPurchase
Festa Dies AMedieval font by Alzate PeláezLink
Festa Dies BMedieval font by Alzate PeláezLink
Forteby E. DobbsLink
Hymnus FGby Andreas HöfeldLink
JuhasevicNRegMedieval fontLink
Kodaly (v1)Music font by Y. Tomita, for tempo marksLink
Lassus ChordsThe Really Loud ­Font CompanyNot available (Archived)
Lassus DefaultThe Really Loud Font CompanyNot available (Archived)
Lassus RegularThe Really Loud ­Font CompanyNot available (Archived)
LassusDavid RakowskiLinkImage
LassusMMThe Really Loud Font CompanyNot available (Archived)
LvivMedieval fontLink
LvovMedieval fontLink
MaestroTimesFinale, for tempo marksLink
ManjavaMedieval fontLink
MeinradaMedieval fontLinkImage
Melody Bby Saint Meinrad ArchabbeyLink
Melody Cby Saint Meinrad ArchabbeyLink
Melody TestBased on the font "Melody A"Not available
Metronomeby DVM Publications, for tempo marksPurchaseImage
MetricoTime Signature Symbols, for tempo marksLink
ModernChant070997Chant font by Dean FredricksonAvailable via mail (Example)
ModernChantEx2007Chant font by Dean FredricksonAvailable via mail (Example)
Mozartby MachinchouetteLink
Music EdEducational music fontPurchase
Musical Notationby Rénald LévesqueLink
MusikMusic FontPurchase
MusiQwikby Robert AllgeyerLinkImage
MusiQwikBby Robert AllgeyerLink
MusiQwikBoldby Robert AllgeyerLink
MusiSyncby Robert AllgeyerLink
MusiToneby Robert AllgeyerLink
MusiTone Boldby Robert AllgeyerNot available
MusiTone BItalicby Robert AllgeyerNot available
MusiTone Italicby Robert AllgeyerNot available
Note-able FontFor music and Kodaly notationPurchase
NotenschriftMusic fontPurchase
OslavicaMedieval fontLink
RhythmsRhythm font, for tempo marksLink
SicilianoXPby Jozef VervoortLink
SicilienneXPby Jozef VervoortLink
Simple MelodyNoteheads with letters insideLink
StaffClefPitches­EasyMusic fontLinkImage
StaffWriterMusic fontPurchase
Stick NotationRhythm/stick notationLink
Stick RhythmsMusic font for notating stick rhythmsLink
Stix 2Rhythm/stick notationPurchase
Tenor NotationNotation for Tenor DrumsLink
Trace ItRhythm FontPurchase
TypeMyMusic NotationMusic fontLink
Volpianoby Fabian Weber and David Hiley (used in Cantus)Link
Volpiano2by Fabian Weber and David Hiley (used in Cantus)Link
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Music Fonts: Chord Fonts
Chord FontsComment External LinkImage
Aloisen Groove TextOvertureLink
Arial ChordsCapella Chord fontLink to Capella
BlueChordsby Tom WilliamsNot available
BopMusic ChordsFrom NorFontsPurchase
JazzCopyist ChordsFrom NorFontsPurchase
NorPen ChordsFrom NorFontsPurchase
BigBand ChordsFrom NorFontsPurchase
Broadway Copyist ­TextFinaleLinkImage
Chord Symbol 1Chord Font by John ClevengerNot available
Chord Symbol 2Chord Font by John ClevengerPurchase
NameThatChordby Barry WareExample
Chord SymbolsChord by Tijs KrammerPurchaseImage
ChordsScribe (Handwritten chord font)Link
Chords (v2)Chord font by Alan HummLink
ChordSufFinale Productivity PackPurchaseImage
ChordSymFinale Productivity PackPurchaseImage
ChordSymSubtextFinale Productivity PackPurchase
Finale Copyist TextFinaleLinkImage
FPChordSuffixFinale Productivity PackPurchaseImage
FPChordSymbolFinale Productivity PackPurchaseImage
FPChordSymbol­SubtextFinale Productivity PackPurchase
GChordsChord fontLink
Inkpen2 Chords StdSibeliusHomepageImage
Inkpen2 ChordsSibeliusNot availableImage
Inkpen ChordsSibeliusNot available
Jazz Symbol 1Chord Font by John ClevengerPurchase
JazzCordFinaleLink or LinkImage
KriniChordOSM ViewerLink
KrinitskyOnlineSheetMusic ViewerLink
LilyJAZZChordLilypond Chord FontLinkImage
MonoMusicMonospaced Chord FontLink
MuseJazzMuseScore (non-SMuFL)LinkImage
MusikChordSansLawrie Pardy's Font PackLink
MusikChordSans­DoSiLawrie Pardy (for NWC)Link
MusikChordSans­GermanicLawrie Pardy (for NWC)Link
MusikChordSerifLawrie Pardy's Font PackLink
MusikChordSerif­DoSiLawrie Pardy (for NWC)Link
MusikChordSerif­GermanicLawrie Pardy (for NWC)Link
MusRomanChord Font for MusicatorLink
MWW Guitar TabsChord Font from MusicWorksLink
My ChordsMelody/Harmony AssistantPurchaseImage
MZ BuenardMozart (Chord Font)LinkImage
MZ ChewyMozart (Chord Font)LinkImage
MZ EconomicaMozart (Chord Font)LinkImage
MZ Gloria HallelujahMozart (Chord Font)LinkImage
MZ LimelightMozart (Chord Font)Link
MZ LoraMozart (Chord Font)LinkImage
MZ Open SansMozart (Chord Font)LinkImage
MZ Roboto SlabMozart (Chord Font)LinkImage
MZ Shadows Into ­Light TwoMozart (Chord Font)LinkImage
MZ Stint Ultra ­CondensedMozart (Chord Font)LinkImage
MZ VocesMozart (Chord Font)LinkImage
NChordsChord fontExample
New Real Book Chords(v1)by Jochen PietschLinkImage
New Real Book Chords(v2)MuseScore (more Symbols than v1)Link
Norfolk Chords Sans Stdby NYC Music Services (for Sibelius)Link
Norfolk Chords Stdby NYC Music Services (for Sibelius)Link
Norfolk PlainChords Sans Stdby NYC Music Services (for Sibelius)Link
Norfolk PlainChords Stdby NYC Music Services (for Sibelius)Link
Opus Chords Sans StdSibeliusHomepageImage
Opus Chords SansSibeliusNot availableImage
Opus Chords StdSibeliusHomepageImage
Opus ChordsSibeliusNot availableImage
Opus PlainChords StdSibeliusHomepageImage
Opus PlainChordsSibeliusNot availableImage
Opus Chords Sans ­CondensedSibeliusNot availableImage
Opus Chords Sans ­Condensed StdSibeliusHomepageImage
Personal Chordsby Chuck FowlerNot available (Homepage)
Pori PlainChords Stdby NYC Music Services (for Sibelius)Link
Pori Chords Stdby NYC Music Services (for Sibelius)Link
Pori Chords ASC Stdby NYC Music Services (for Sibelius)Link
RealBook Chords wSubtextBassExtended with a slash for subtext bass notationLinkImage
RealBook Chordsby Jochen PietschLinkImage
RealScore ChordsFrom NorFontsPurchase
Reprise Chords StdSibeliusHomepageImage
Reprise ChordsSibeliusNot availableImage
Steinberg Chord ­SymbolsVarious Steinberg SoftwareHomepage
Steinberg Chord ­Symbols JazzVarious Steinberg SoftwareHomepage
SwingChordLawrie Pardy's Font PackLink
SwingChordDoSiLawrie Pardy (for NWC)Link
SwingChordGermanicLawrie Pardy (for NWC)Link
SwingCordAlternative jazz fontPurchaseImage
XPTChordsAlternative Chord FontLink
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Figured Bass & Analysis FontsComment External LinkImage
Anastasia Figured ­BassEncorePurchase
ChiffrageFrom "Wolfgang" software (Vertical font)Link
ComputerModern-FBFew Special SymbolsLink
ComputerModern­Sans-FBFew Special SymbolsLink
CSTwoFigured bass fontNot available
CSThreeFigured bass fontNot available
FacSimilus Figured Bassby Facsimilus.comNot available (Homepage)
FiguratoFigured bass fontLink
FiguratoBFigured bass fontLink
FiguratoMacFigured bass fontLink
FiguredBassby the Really Loud ­Font CompanyNot available (Homepage)
FiguredBassMHby Matthew HindsonLink
FinalAnalyseDemoby Ansgar KrauseLink
FinalAnalyseby Ansgar KrausePurchase
FinalFiguredBass­Demoby Ansgar KrauseLink
FinalFiguredBassby Ansgar KrauseLink
FinalGeneralBass­Demoby Ansgar KrauseLink
FinalGeneralBassby Ansgar KrausePurchase
Finale NumericsFinale's fontLink
Harmonyby Bayard-NizetPurchase
Koechlinby Bayard-NizetNot available (now Harmony)
My Figured BassMelody/Harmony AssistantPurchase
Number Chart ProNashville Number SystemPurchase
Opus Figured BassSibeliusNot available
Opus Figured Bass ­StdSibeliusHomepage
Opus Figured Bass ­ExtrasSibeliusNot available
Opus Figured Bass ­Extras StdSibeliusHomepage
Opus Function SymbolsSibeliusNot available
Opus Function Symbols StdSibeliusHomepage
PrestoFiguresMACby Alison HeyerPurchase
PrestoFiguresPCby Alison HeyerPurchase
RiemannAnalysis fontLink
ScaleDegrees Timesby Matthew HindsonLink
Sebastian-FigBassby Florian KretlowPurchase
SicilianNumeralsFigured Bass And Roman NumeralsNot available
SicilianNumeralsDemoFigured Bass And Roman NumeralsLink
TeXPalladioL-FBFew Special SymbolsPurchase
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Fretboard FontsCommentExternal LinkImage
AccordsGuitar chord fontLink
CancioneroGtGuitar chord fontLink
CancioneroTpTiple chord fontLink
ChordsGuitar chord fontLink
Chords DEMO NutGuitar chord fontLink
ChordsGuitar chord fontPurchase
Chords VIGuitar chord fontPurchase
FarHatGuitar chord fontLink
FarHat-AcordesGuitar chord fontLink
FarHat-Acordes b y #Guitar chord fontLink
FarHat-QuintasGuitar chord fontLink
FinalFrets3DHorDemoby Ansgar KrauseLink
FinalFrets3DHorizontalby Ansgar KrausePurchase
FinalFrets3DVertDemoby Ansgar KrauseLink
FinalFrets3DVerticalby Ansgar KrausePurchase
FinalFretsHorizontalby Ansgar KrausePurchase
FinalFretsHorizontal­Demoby Ansgar KrauseLink
FinalFretsNatDiaDemoby Ansgar KrauseLink
FinalFretsNatHoriz­Demoby Ansgar KrauseLink
FinalFretsNatVert­Demoby Ansgar KrauseLink
FinalFretsVerticalby Ansgar KrausePurchase
FinalFretsVerticalDemoby Ansgar KrauseLink
FinalGriffbrettVertDemoby Ansgar KrauseLink
FinalGriffbrettVertby Ansgar KrausePurchase
FinalGriffeNaturVertikDemoby Ansgar KrauseLink
FinalGriffeNaturVertikby Ansgar KrausePurchase
FinalGriffeNaturHorizDemoby Ansgar KrauseLink
FinalGriffeNaturHorizby Ansgar KrausePurchase
FinalGriffbrettHorizDemoby Ansgar KrauseLink
FinalGriffbrettHorizby Ansgar KrausePurchase
FinalGitarreDemoby Ansgar KrauseLink
FinalGitarreby Ansgar KrausePurchase
FinalGuitarby Ansgar KrausePurchase
FinalGuitarDemoby Ansgar KrauseLink
Flamencoby Bayard-NizetPurchase
FretBoardMosaicNot available (Homepage)
FretsAEncore/Music Publisher 9Encore or Music Publisher
FretsBEncore/Music Publisher 9Encore or Music Publisher
FretsCEncore/Music Publisher 9Encore or Music Publisher
FretFinderby Barry WareExample
FretQwikGuitar/Bass chord fontLink
FretQwikCGuitar/Bass chord fontLink
GitarrengriffeGuitar chord fontLink
GuitarGuitar chord fontPurchase
Guitar Major CodeGuitar chord fontLink
IgorEngraverGuitarGuitar chord fontHomepage
MCDiagramsCreate your own fretboardsHomepage
MidiGuitarGuitar (Forte)Link
OpusFrets1Guitar chord fontLink
OpusFrets2Guitar chord fontLink
OpusFrets3Guitar chord fontLink
PersonalStrumGuitar chord fontHomepage
PlayMsc2Guitar chord fontLink
PlayMsc3Guitar chord fontLink
PlayMsc4Guitar chord fontLink
Scales DEMO NutCreate guitar scalesLink
ScalesCreate guitar scalesPurchase
Scales VICreate guitar scalesPurchase
SevilleGuitar (Finale)Link
Ted-ChemistCreate guitar chordsLink
Ted-Chemist horizCreate guitar chordsLink
ukuleleUkulele chord fontLink
Ukulele Chord ChartUkulele chord fontPurchase
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Fingering/Pedal FontsInstrument External LinkImage
AccordionAccordeon fingeringLink
AkkordeonregisterAccordeon fingeringPurchase
AkkRegisterAccordeon fingeringLink
BagpipeBagpipe fingeringLink
Bassoon FingeringBassoon fingeringPurchase
Bois SarrusophoneSarrusophone fingeringLink
Bois OphicleideOphicleide fingeringLink
Bois OcarinaOcarina fingeringLink
Bravura FingeringFingerings based on BravuraLink
Chromatic TabHarmonica fingeringLink
ClarFingerClarinet fingeringLink
Clarinet FingeringClarinet fingeringPurchase
FinalHandPiano fingeringPurchase
FinalHand DemoPiano fingeringPurchase
FinalKeysPiano fingeringPurchase
FinalKeysDemoPiano fingeringLink
FingeringMany fingering symbolsPurchase
Fingering Diagram BuilderUniversal fingering diagram builder (no font !)Link
Fingering HorizontalRecorder fingeringLink
Fingering VerticalRecorder fingeringLink
Flute FingeringFlute fingeringPurchase
Four-Hole-OcarinaOcarina fingeringLink
Glyph3 Brass and VoiceBrass fingering and techniquePurchase
Glyph3 WoodwindsWoodwind fingeringPurchase
Harmonica TablatureHarmonica fingeringLink
Harp PedalHarp fingeringPurchase
Harp Pedals 1.1Harp fingeringLink
Harping FontHarmonica fingeringNot available (Homepage)
Holzblaeser RecorderRecorder fingeringLink
Holzblaeser ReedsCrumhorn, sordune, rackett fingeringLink
Holzblaeser SimpleFlute and winds without keysLink
JianPuNumbered NotationLink
JianPu ZNumbered NotationLink
js-jianpuNumbered NotationLink
js-jianpu3.0Numbered NotationLink
moojianpu 1.0Numbered NotationLink
KeybiesPiano keysPurchase
Kh Woodwind Fingering ChartWoodwinds fingeringPurchase
Kh Reed. Pressure. Lips and AirWoodwindsPurchase
Kh Reed. PositionPositions of lips and teethPurchase
Legni FluteVFlute fingeringLink
Legni FluteHFlute fingeringLink
Legni OboeOboe fingeringLink
Legni OboeEngHnEnglish Horn fingeringLink
Legni ClarinetClarinet (Boehm) fingeringLink
Legni ClarinetBassBass clarinet (Boehm) fingeringLink
Legni BassoonBassoon fingeringLink
Legni BassoonCbsnBassoon and contrabassoon fingeringLink
MusicEd BassoonBassoon fingeringPurchase
MusicEd BrassBrass fingeringPurchase
MusicEd ClarinetClarinet fingeringPurchase
MusicEd FluteFlute fingeringPurchase
MusicEd OboeOboe fingeringPurchase
MusicEd SaxSax fingeringPurchase
NAFTracks (21 fonts)21 fonts for all kind of flutesLink
Neue Bassoon FontBassoon fingeringPurchase
NPCFingeringGeneric fingering fontPurchase
NPCRecorderRecorder fingeringPurchase
Oboe FingeringOboe fingeringPurchase
Ocarina NotesOcarina fingeringLink
PendantOcarinaOcarina fingeringPurchase
Piano KeybuildPiano fingeringPurchase
Piano KeysPiano fingeringPurchase
Recorder EyeRecorder fingeringLink
Recorder EyesRecorder fingeringLink
Recorder FaceRecorder fingeringLink
Recorder FacesRecorder fingeringLink
Recorder FingeringRecorder fingeringPurchase
Recorder Fingerings ­HorizontalRecorder fingeringLink
Recorder Fingerings ­VerticalRecorder fingeringLink
Recorder FontRecorder fingeringLink
RecorderRecorder fingeringLink
RecordersRecorder fingeringLink
Richter TabHarmonica fingeringLink
Saxophone FingeringSaxophone fingeringPurchase
ShakuhachiFingering­NotationTozanShakuhachi fingeringLink
ShakuhachiFingering­TozanShakuhachi fingeringLink
ShakuhachiNotationShakuhachi fingeringLink
Tab ExtrasHarmonica fingeringLink
Tin Whistle FingeringTin Whistle fingeringPurchase
Tin WhistleTin Whistle fingeringLink
Tin Whistle TabTin Whistle fingeringLink
Tinyholes_RecorderRecorder fingeringLink
Transverse Ocarina ­FingeringOcarina fingeringPurchase
Woodwind Tablature ­Sax EuroSax fingeringLink
Woodwind Tablature ­Sax GraphicSax fingeringLink
Woodwind Tablature ­Sax USSax fingeringLink
Woodwind TablatureRecorder fingeringLink
WoodwindsWoodwindsNot available (Homepage)
WWMonospaced woodwind and brass fingerings (part of the Helmholtz-Ellis font project)Link
XB-40 TabHarmonica fingeringLink
TozanShakShakuhachi notationLink
ZensaboShakuhachi notationLink
font3015Shakuhachi notationLink
shakuhachi18Shakuhachi notationLink
ShakuhachiKinkoShakuhachi notationLink
ShakuhachiOShakuhachi notationLink
DoremiShakuhachi notationLink
DoremibShakuhachi notationLink
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Music Fonts: Microtonal Notation Fonts
Microtonal notation fontsComment External LinkImage
Accidentalsby Matthew HindsonLink
Anastasia Extended 2EncorePurchase
AruvarbBravura font made compatible with FinalePurchaseImage
BravuraMSSBravura with Mixed Spartan SagittalLinkImage
BravuraHEThe Helmholtz-Ellis font project (Bravura+HEJI)Link
Bravura TextSMuFL music fontPurchaseImage
BravuraSMuFL music font (SMuFl 1.20)PurchaseImage
Broadway Copyist PercFinaleLinkImage
EkmelosMicrotonal accidentals (SMuFL)Purchase
HEThe Helmholtz-Ellis font projectLink
HE-LAMHThe Helmholtz-Ellis font projectLink
HE-MaestroThe Helmholtz-Ellis font project
(Maestro Style)
HEJIThe Helmholtz-Ellis font projectLink
JazzPercFinaleLink and OSM ViewerImage
Kh AccidentalsMicrotonal accidental fontPurchase
Kh Accidentals-24thsMicrotonal accidental fontPurchase
Kh Accidentals-In ParenthesesMicrotonal accidental fontPurchase
SagittalSagittal Microtonal NotationLink
ArnoldAlternative Lilypond FontLinkImage
BeethovenAlternative Lilypond FontPurchaseImage
CadenceAlternative Lilypond FontPurchaseImage
CapriccioAlternative Lilypond FontLinkImage
Capriccio-lightAlternative Lilypond FontLinkImage
DelusseAlternative Lilypond FontLinkImage
GonvilleAlternative Lilypond FontLinkImage
Gonville 2.0Alternative MuseScore FontLink
GnvilFINGonville font for FinalePurchaseImage
Gutenberg1939Alternative Lilypond FontPurchaseImage
HaydnAlternative Lilypond FontPurchaseImage
ImprovisoAlternative Lilypond FontPurchaseImage
LilyboulezAlternative Lilypond Font (based on Boulez)LinkImage
LilyjazzAlternative Lilypond Font (based on LilyJAZZ)Link or LinkImage
LV-GoldenageAlternative Lilypond FontLinkImage
Maestro PercussionFinaleLinkImage
omicronMicrotonal accidentalsLink
PaganiniAlternative Lilypond FontLinkImage
Oslo-extraBased on free Gonville fontNot available (Archived)Image
Paris-Extraby Musegraph.comNot available
ProfondoAlternative Lilypond Font (Bravura-port)PurchaseImage
RossAlternative Lilypond FontPurchaseImage
ScorlattiAlternative Lilypond Font (based on Score)PurchaseImage
Sebastian-Acc-Artby Florian KretlowPurchaseImage
SebastianoAlternative Lilypond FontPurchaseImage
Micro 2Accidentals for microtonal notationNot available
Micro 3Accidentals for microtonal notationPurchase or Example
Microtonal NotationAccidentals for microtonal notationLink
Microtonal Notation ­TextAccidentals for microtonal notationLink
November2SMuFL music fontPurchaseImage
PiuAlternative music font for Finale's TamburoPurchase
ToccataAlternative font for FinaleLinkImage
Temperaby Christian Texier/MIDIDesignLink
THM/TSMTurkish accidentalsLink
PetalumaSMuFL music fontPurchase
Petaluma TextSMuFL music fontPurchase
*Here you can find a good description of the different microtonal accidental systems.
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Special Music FontsComment External LinkImage
Adobe BlankInvisible font (interesting for spacing issues)Link
BerlinVertical text font for instrument names in scoresPurchase
FF Dingbats 2.0 Arrows OneAll sorts of arrow symbolsPurchase
FF Dingbats 2.0 Arrows TwoAll sorts of arrow symbolsPurchase
FF Dingbats 2.0 Arrows ThreeAll sorts of barrow symbolsPurchase
FF Dingbats 2.0 Basic FormsAll sorts of special noteheadsPurchase
Frontiers Music ­NotationA new musical system called FRONTIERSLink
invisibleInvisible font (interesting for spacing issues)Link
ITC Zapf DingbatsAll sorts of special symbolsPurchase
MMDingsArticulations I Wish I Could UseLink
Nocturnal ExperienceMusic ExamplesLink
OnpuNotes with letters and numbersLink
morseMorse code (for creating dashed/dotted lines)Link
Please write me a singOnly a violin clefLink
Music FunA few notation symbols and dingbatsLink
PIXymbols MusicaMusical instrument symbolsPurchase
PIXymbols OrchestraPlacements of orchestra instruments on the stagePurchase
101! Abstrakt DeZignOnly a violin clefLink
Samys Keys'N'KeysOnly a bass clefLink
OpenSymbolArrows, rehearsal marks, dingbatsLink
SingASignDiatonic and chromatic hand signsPurchase
XITS MathFont for creating brackets at any size/thicknessLink
Lato HairlineFont for creating brackets large bracketsLink
OstrichSans-LightFont for creating large bracketsLink
Wavy Line FontCreate all sorts of wavy linesPurchase
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Rehearsal Mark FontsComment External LinkImage
Anastasia RehearsalsEncorePurchase
Broadway Copyist ­TextFinaleLink
Circle Numbers StdNumbersPurchase
CombiNumerals LtdNumbersLink
CombiNumerals ProNumbersPurchase
Cyberscore TextMore Symbols for Cyberscore SymNot available
CD NumbersCircled and boxed numbersLink
TOC in RingsLetters & numbersPurchase
Tips CountNumbersPurchase
NorScript RehearsalsSee Encore NorScript RehearsalsPurchase
Encore NorScript RehearsalsEncorePurchase
Numbers Style Two Circle NegativeNumbersPurchase
Numbers Style Three Circle NegativeNumbersPurchase
Numbers Style One (Positive/Negative)NumbersPurchase
Number OrnamentsNumbersPurchase
FF Dingbats 2.0 NumbersNumbersPurchase
Currency PiNumbersPurchase
FF Double Digits RoundNumbersPurchase
European Pi 1NumbersPurchase
LTC FiguresNumbersPurchase
FF Govan One DingbatsNumbersPurchase
FF Govan Two DingbatsNumbersPurchase
Leitura Symbols ArrowsNumbers and arrowsPurchase
EnclSerifFinale Productivity PackPurchase
EnclSansFinale Productivity PackPurchase
Encore NorScript RehearsalsEncorePurchase
Finale Copyist TextFinaleLink
FinaleMiscFree Finale font LinkImage
FPEnclosureSansFinale Productivity PackPurchase
FPEnclosureSerifFinale Productivity PackPurchase
FPRehearsalFinale Productivity PackPurchase
FPRehearsalDoubleFinale Productivity PackPurchase
FPRehearsalSansFinale Productivity PackPurchase
FPRehearsalSansDoubleFinale Productivity PackPurchase
JazzTextFinaleLink and OSM Viewer
JW Rehearsal SCAPS 1 BoldRehearsal symbolsLink
JW Rehearsal Serifs 2Rehearsal symbolsLink
JW Rehearsal Serifs BoldRehearsal symbolsLink
JW Rehearsal Shadow 1 BoldRehearsal symbolsLink
NorScript RehearsalsSee Encore NorScript RehearsalsPurchase
NumberpileNumbers (with OpenType ligatures)Link
Numberpile ReversedNumbers (with OpenType ligatures)Link
OratorioRehearsal symbolsPurchase
QuiviraRehearsal symbols in unicode (0xF220..0xF27F)Link
RealScore MarksFrom NorFontsPurchase
JazzCopyist MarksFrom NorFontsPurchase
BigBand MarksFrom NorFontsPurchase
NorPen MarksFrom NorFontsPurchase
RehearsalFinale Productivity PackPurchase
RehearsalDoubleFinale Productivity PackPurchase
RehearsalSansFinale Productivity PackPurchase
RehearsalSansDoubleFinale Productivity PackPurchase
RehearsalTimesRehearsal symbolsNot available
RehearsalTimesDemoRehearsal symbolsLink
RehearsalSimpleRehearsal symbolsNot available
RehearsalSimpleDemoRehearsal symbolsLink
Reprise RehearsalSibeliusNot available
Reprise Rehearsal StdSibeliusHomepage
Top SecretStamp-likeLink
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Text Fonts with (few) Musical SymbolsComment External LinkImage
Andron Mega Corpus RegularUnicode music fontPurchase (Example)
BachFont by Y. TomitaLink
Bach4JPFont by Y. TomitaLink
Bach-anticoFont by Y. TomitaLink
Broadway Copyist TextFinalePurchase
Code2001Unicode music fontLink
Finale Copyist TextFinaleLink
FreeSerifUnicode music fontPurchaseImage
GoldenAge Textfor GoldenAge MusicLink
Jazz TextFinalePurchase
KIDdemoby DVM PublicationsLinkImage
Kidnotesby DVM PublicationsPurchaseImage
Kidsibby DVM Publications (for Sibelius)PurchaseImage
Kodaly (v1)Font by Y. TomitaLink
Maestro TimesFinaleLink
MetDemoby DVM PublicationsLinkImage
MetTimesby DVM PublicationsPurchase
MetTimes Boldby DVM PublicationsPurchase
MetTimes Italicby DVM PublicationsPurchase
Mozart Jazz 12MozartHomepageImage
Noto Sans SymbolsUnicode music fontPurchaseImage
QuiviraUnicode music fontLink
Segoe UI SymbolUnicode music fontIncluded in Windows 7-10
SwingTextAlternative jazz fontPurchase
SymbolaUnicode music fontPurchaseImage
Unifont UpperUnicode music fontPurchaseImage
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The following table lists a few text fonts that work fine with certain music fonts or even come bundled with them. It is only a small selection of fonts. There are of course many more text fonts that can be used. Music Fonts: Suitable Text Fonts
Suitable Text FontsCommentExternal LinkImage
AshAlphafor AshMusicNot available (Example)
BopMusic Scriptfor BopMusicPurchase
BopMusic Titlefor BopMusicPurchase
BigBand Scriptfor BigBandPurchase
JazzCopyist Titlefor JazzCopyistPurchase
JazzCopyist Scriptfor JazzCopyistPurchase
NorPen Titlefor NorPenPurchase
NorPen Scriptfor NorPenPurchase
NorTextfor NorMusikPurchase
Encore NorScriptfor NorMusicPurchase
Encore NorScript Casedfor NorMusicPurchase
Encore NorScript Cased Obliquefor NorMusicPurchase
Encore NorScript Obliquefor NorMusicPurchase
NorScriptfor NorMusikPurchase
NorScript Casedfor NorMusikPurchase
NorScript Cased ­Obliquefor NorMusikPurchase
NorScript Obliquefor NorMusikPurchase
Broadway Copyist ­Text ExtFinaleLink
Colorado Book TextAnother jazz style text font by Jochen PietschLink
Encore NorScript ­TitleEncorePurchase
festus!Nice handwritten font in a light jazz styleLink
FinalLyricsby Ansgar KrauseLink
Finale LyricsFinale's condensed lyrics fontLink
FPLyricsFinale Productivity PackPurchase
FPLyricsSansFinale Productivity PackPurchase
FreeSerifLyricsFree lyrics fontLink
FreeSerifNarrowSBFree lyrics fontLink
Frontiers Nice HandwritingHandwriting for FRONTIERSLink
Frontiers Lazy & SloppyHandwriting for FRONTIERSLink
Frontiers Sloppy ­HandwritingHandwriting for FRONTIERSLink
GJM realbookFree jazz text fontLink
GoldenAge Textfor GoldenAge MusicLink
GoldenAge Titlefor GoldenAge MusicLink
HandClapTextfor ScoreMakerLink
Handwritten Love Notesfor Jazz style (in all caps)Purchase
HelveticaLyricsFinale Productivity PackPurchase
IM FELLAntique serif fontsLink
Rock SaltHandwritten font for jazz styleLink
JaneAustenHandwritten 19th century styleLink
j.d.Works fine as a jazz font for the Realbook styleLink
JazzTextExtendedFinaleLink and OSM Viewer
LeeAlphafor LeeMusicNot available (Example)
LilyJAZZTextfor lilyjazzLink or Link
LeRoyfor LeRoy1Link
LeRoy Condensedfor LeRoy1Link
MaestroTimesfor MaestroLink
MozartJazzTextfor MozartHomepage
MuseJazzMuseScore (non-SMuFL)Link
MuseJazz Textfor MuseScoreLink
MuzitexFree lyrics fontLink
Muzitex2Free lyrics fontLink
NarvaezTextfor NarvaezLink
NepomukFree SIL OFL text font for Sebastian (Henle Style)Link
NorScript TitleSee Encore NorScript TitlePurchase
Opera-Lyrics-Smoothlyrics fontLink
Pea Missy with a ­MarkerHandwritten font in a bjazz styleLink
Permanent MarkerHandwritten font in a bjazz styleLink
Plantin MT StdSibelius' default fontHomepage
PL Benguiat Friskyfor jazz stylePurchase
Real Book Titlefor RealBook ChordsLink
RussAlphafor RussMusicNot available (Example)
SPP Jazz 1For Score PerfectLink
Steinberg Text Jazzfor Steinberg JazzHomepage
SwingText ExtendedAlternative jazz fontPurchase
ThickmarkerHandwritten font in a jazz styleLink
Times New Roman ­AlternativesFree TNR alternatives (Georgia, Lora, Tinos, Crimson, Centabel, TexGyreTermes)Link
VortragsbezeichnungUsed by SchottExample
Xtreem Fat Demofor "RealBook Chords"Link
Comparison of text fonts for lyrics
Comparison of text fonts for dynamics
Comparison of text fonts for expressive text (Part 1)
Comparison of text fonts for expressive text (Part 2)

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